Best Holiday Destinations for Cameroonian Families in 2024

So, for a wonderful holiday, you would like to remember LJS Travels proposes to you the best holiday destinations around the world that you can book a flight for you and your family.

So, let’s now look at some of these destinations maybe not in order of classification but just a grouping of some of the best places to visit around the globe.

Today, we are going to see the 10 of the best destinations for holidays for you and your family members.

5 Reasons to Buy Flights Tickets with LJS Travels | Tips to prepare yourself for a long flight | 10 Best Holiday Destinations for Cameroonian Families in 2022
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1. Costa Rica

Ranked as the world’s happiest country, costa Rica is one of the most luxurious places on the planet to visit.

The country has almost everything that can make a vacation fun for visitors like wildlife mountains, forests, and friendly people.

10 Best Holiday Destinations for Cameroonian Families in 2022

If you are looking for somewhere for a great family vacation, then this is just the right destination.

The country has about 500,000 species of wildlife, luxurious hotels, hot springs resorts and spas we’ve got climbing activities, volcanoes surfing and much more.

2. South Africa

10 Best Holiday Destinations for Cameroonian Families in 2022

The home of the springboks will make your vacation just stunning as South Africa is endowed with a lot of fun outdoor activities like wildlife.

The country has an enormous array of wildlife for those who like the action up close.

The Kruger national park is one of the places in the world where you’ll find species of animals that you have never or will never see anywhere else.

If you want to see penguins then you have got to head to cape town one of the most vibrant cities in the country while for those who love whales the coast of Hermanus is the place where you should be.

Just like any other place in Africa, the food is delicious, and you have a selection of choices to choose from. You also have a cross selection of great beaches for your relaxation.

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5 Reasons to Buy Flights Tickets with LJS Travels | 10 Best Holiday Destinations for Cameroonian Families in 2022

3. England

When we talk about vacations there’s nowhere as exotic as London with a clear beautiful sky and fresh air and a lot of travel appeal.

The best thing about London is the fact that it’s not the most expensive city in the world and so makes it affordable for families to live in for their vacation.

London is dotted with great restaurants that provide good and affordable delicacies for persons or families within any budget range.

Tourists will love to see sites like the tower bridge, the Tower of London, the Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham palace amongst other interesting sites.

You can also take time to visit one of the closest country sites to London Sussex. It’s ideal for a relaxing get-away from all the buzz that characterizes London and great for family vacations.

4. USA

The unites states of America is one of the greatest places to visit around the world with lots of attractions that will sway your mind away from all the hassles in your life you are looking to take a vacation.

The US is a country is filled with so many vacation spots and countryside attractions that you will enjoy.

The country has great cities like New York where you can find skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building and sprawling Central Park.

Broadway theater is staged in neon-lit Times Square, the statue of liberty as well as the metropolitan museum of art not leaving out the central park.

Florida is just one place that you will not want to not go to as it is one of the most favorite destinations with its long sandy beaches pretty clear skies and great theme parks.

Apart from these two places, there are great places to visit like the Grand Canyon, San Francisco, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington memorial

5. France

10 Best Holiday Destinations for Cameroonian Families in 2022

When we talk about a vacation in France, the first city that pops up in our mind is Paris and what makes it so famous is the Eiffel tower that every visitor to France wants to see.

No doubt it is a sight to see for all tourists as it stands tall in the French capital for all to see. France is also noted to be a welcoming city and the wine there for adults is great.

France is also popularly called the city of romance with so many exotic sites and restaurants of world-class standards that offer culinary delight like no place else accompanied by some good French wine.

Aside from the Eiffel tower, there are also places to visit like the cathedral Notre Dame you can as well visit places like the countryside with a tour of Normandy and a trip to Marseille or the pyrenes meanwhile a visit to Loire Valley, Nice, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Aix-en-Provence will make your trip a lovely one.

6. Australia

Australia is a great place for a vacation which embodies all things that other great vacation spots have with great cultural centers but non-as great as the Sydney opera house which is a must-visit site in Australia as well for someone who loves the landscape.

The great barrier reef marine park will be of interest to you as well as the blue mountain national park in the new south wales.

They also have there in Australia some beautiful beaches plenty of wildlife and top-class Hotels for your relaxation after a day out of cosmic fun.

7. Italy

10 Best Holiday Destinations for Cameroonian Families in 2022

One of the most ancient cities in the world and a veritable touristic site that has a lot of ancient artifacts which date back to hundreds of years ago like Michael Angelo’s masterpiece in Florence as well as you will also get to discover the floating city of Venice.

Italy is also noted for its great food and pizza and Italian fashion is something that everyone will want to get their hands on.

8. Canada

This North American country which stands as the second-largest country in the world from coast to coast is a veritable touristic destination to visit.

From north to east through west and south of the country there is always something that is off attraction and Canada is a country filled with enormous natural sites like mountains valleys etc.

One of the biggest if not the biggest attraction there is Niagara Falls which brings in millions of tourists every year into the country located just an hour away from Toronto.

 The Banff national park and the Rocky Mountains in the province of Alberta are places that everyone wants to go to.

If you like tall buildings, then you’ll find the iconic CN tower an attractive figure to visit alongside the Ottawa’s Parliament Hill and watch out for polar bears while there are such lovely sights to see

9. Morocco

Morocco is described as one of Africa’s most attractive destinations due to its ancient grand roman ruins, its architecture, and the desert.

It’s a country that is in the North of Africa and portrays the Arab culture.

In morocco, you will not want to miss a visit to Marrakesh the most vibrant city in morocco filled with beautiful orange buildings.

The Sahara dunes on the far eastern side of Morocco are one place to visit and a popular touristic destination.

This amongst other pleasurable sites makes morocco a place to visit not leaving out the culture and food of the people.

10. Maldives

The Maldives my friend for those who don’t know about it is an archipelago country located in the Indian subcontinent of southern Asia, situated in the Indian ocean. 

The country has beautiful beaches, and this exotic island is a place to visit with places like the male atoll the largest city in the country, and is most popular and has sites like the Grand Friday Mosque and top resorts for your stay.

We also have the sun island which is adorned with some of the major and best beaches in the country with beautiful tropical flowers.


If you like diving, then the banana reef one of the world’s most renowned reefs will interest you.

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