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Flights Ticket FAQs

Go to our Book flight page on our website or get our contact and call us directly and through WhatsApp and other social media handles.

You can as well visit our office at bonaberi Douala to get your ticket.

Our prices are different from others because of the quality of the services we offer.

We are keen to provide the best support before, during, and after paying for your ticket.

Our prices are the best.

Once a ticket is issued with a particular name, the name cannot be changed to a different person.

However, in case of a mistake in spelling, it can be corrected. but a ticket cannot be transferred to another person.

Reservations can be confirmed online on the official website of the airline or Amadeus trip confirmation.

We will make the confirmation link available to the traveler.

Yes. very possible, flexible, and reliable.

Not possible, you must depart at the same point of entry.

yes. the maximum is 9 passengers per booking. but several bookings can be made

Yes, but for 48hrs maximum. that is 2 days

Tell us your preferred seat, if it’s the window, middle seat, or at the aisle. we will allocate and confirm your preferred seat when booking your ticket.

Cash payments at our office,  bank deposit in our account, mtn and orange mobile money.

Yes, but reservations don’t last more than 48hrs. so you have 48hrs to pay

Give the old reservation and the one you want, and we’ll do it for you.

Ticket fee change varies from 15 USD to 2000 USD depending on the dates and classes available.

You can get it if the ticket is not more than 3 months old

Yes, but note that the price will add too.

It is possible but doesn’t mean your booking is not confirmed. it could be a system error.

But you can always contact us for your confirmation

Arms, weapons, and drugs are not allowed in in-flight baggage.

Documents vary with different destinations. we’ll tell you the documents needed depending on your destination.

Yes only if your initial flight was changed.

You can use a one-way ticket if you have a resident or work permit in the country you’re going to.

Yes, the airline will be responsible for every registered lost baggage.

Your ticket will be canceled and refunded if the ticket is refundable. But if the ticket rule states that it is non-refundable, then you lose the money.

Yes, children’s fares are relatively cheaper than adult fares.

Yes, all we need is the person’s information

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Flight Details FAQS

Children must be accompanied if they have to travel either by the parent/guardian or airlines. and if they are accompanied by the airline crew, it is highly paid.

Yes, children’s fares are relatively cheaper than adult fares.

Drop your details on the contact form on our website or get our contact and call us directly and through WhatsApp and other social media handles.

You can as well visit our office at bonaberi, Douala to get your ticket.

Visa Assistance FAQS

General FAQs

You can contact us. we’re available 24/7

You are either vaccinated or have your negative PCR test which is not more than 48hrs.

Anytime except for major holidays like Christmas, easter, and summer. But flights are cheap these times too, just depends on your travel dates.

Douala international airport and Nsimalen international airport Yaoundé

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