Visa Assistance

We are dedicatedly offering our visa assistance services to help individuals fulfill their educational and travel dreams with ease and efficiency.

LJS Travel and Consultancy Services


Here’s a summary of the Visa services we offer

1. UK Study Visa with 2-Year Work Visa Option (99% Guarantee)

  • Promote the opportunity to study in the UK, followed by a 2-year work visa.
  • Encourage students to pursue their academic and professional goals in the UK.
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2. Canada Study Visa (99% Guarantee

  • We Highlight the high visa approval rate for students wishing to study in Canada.
  • We Showcase the country’s excellent education system and diverse culture.

3. Tourist Visa to Canada

  • We Promote travel opportunities for tourists to explore the beauty of Canada.
  • We Emphasize the unique experiences and attractions in the country.

4. Work Search in Sweden

  • Assist individuals in finding work opportunities in Sweden for 3-9 months.
  • Focus on Sweden’s thriving job market and high quality of life.

5. Fellowship Programs in the USA

  • We Provide information about prestigious fellowship programs in the United States.
  • We Guide potential applicants in pursuing their academic and professional goals.
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6. USA Study Visa

  • We Advise students on the study visa application process in the United States.
  • We Assist in identifying suitable educational institutions and programs.

7. Finland Study Visa

  • We Promote opportunities to study in Finland, known for its high-quality education.
  • We Offer guidance on visa application procedures and academic institutions.

Ready to embark on your next journey without the hassle of visa complications?

8. Consultancy on Motivation Letters and Research Proposals

  • We Help individuals draft compelling motivation letters and research proposals.
  • We Provide guidance on creating persuasive and impactful documents.

9. Travel Booking Assistance

  • We Assist in booking flights and travel arrangements to ensure a hassle-free journey.
  • We Ensure a smooth transition from planning to traveling.
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Expert Guidance and Consultation

Our team provides personalized advice, ensuring that you understand the visa requirements and application process for your destination, minimizing errors and delays.

Documentation Support

We assist with the compilation and verification of all necessary documents, tailoring our service to meet the specific requirements of each country's visa application.

Follow-up and Updates

Stay informed with regular updates on your visa application status, as we maintain communication with consular offices and provide timely notifications on any developments.