Simple Tricks To Pay Less On Your Flight Tickets


Learn some simple tricks to pay less for flight tickets, and find out how to get them with LJS Travels and what time of the week to book your flight ticket

Oh, the cost of air travel is getting expensive. While it’s true that it is now easier to book airline tickets than ever before, the pricing can be unpredictable and often confusing.

One thing I have learned over many years of flying is that you do not have to be a victim of confusing airline fares.

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Time and time again, I hear people complain about how much they paid for their plane ticket, or how they feel “ripped off” by what they call an “overpriced” flight experience. 

While this may be true at times, there are many things you can do as a consumer to save money on your next plane ticket purchase – even if you have only a little information about the airline industry!

1. Planning your travel dates in advance

Booking your flight tickets in advance is one of the best ways to get a low rate. The best time to book your ticket is at least 6 weeks before your travel date.

Simple Tricks To Pay Less On Your Flight Tickets

If you’re not able to plan too far ahead and want to find a good deal on flights, booking just 3 weeks in advance is okay too.

However, if you’re trying to find an extremely low price on airfare and are willing to grab it as soon as it pops up, then try booking 2 weeks before your departure date.

2. Booking your flight tickets online

Booking your flight tickets online is the easiest, most convenient way to book. You can book a ticket at any time of the day or night. Do you want to travel tomorrow?

No problem! Just click on ‘Book Now’ and select your date of travel. The online booking facility enables you to make changes in your booking as well.

Special fare available on International flight tickets
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If there is any change in your plans or holiday dates, all you need to do is call us or drop us an email detailing the changes so that we can make the necessary alterations to your reservation.

You can also avail our other services like hotel booking, car rental services, and much more by clicking on the “Other Services” option given at the top right corner of our website!

3. Picking an ideal travel destination

If you are looking to travel, it is important that you choose an ideal destination. 

There are several factors to consider when picking the right destination. Some of them may


  • Your location
  • Your budget
  • Weather conditions in the area
  • Location of the destination and its historical significance

4. Choosing the flight times wisely

It is important to choose a flight that is not a peak hour. Peak hours are usually during the weekends, school holidays, public holidays, and religious festivals. 

You can make sure you pick flights that don’t have these seasons by checking the calendar of your country.

Simple Tricks To Pay Less On Your Flight Tickets

Also, avoid long weekends and long public holidays because there will be more people traveling during those times so it will cost more for the airline company to operate their aircraft.

You can also check 5 reasons why to buy flight tickets with LJS Travels, and get the best deals. 

5. Working out the pros and cons of visiting a place during its peak season.

An important thing to consider when booking tickets is whether or not you’re flying during peak season. 

It’s great if you get a bargain flight ticket, but what happens if there are no available rooms at your destination’s hotels? 

You might have to spend extra money on transit or travel further away from your desired destination.

When we looked at prices for flights within Europe during the high season, we saw that some of the prices were quite steep compared to those during the low season — like more than triple! 

We also noticed that airlines allowed for fewer flights for people who were flying during the high season. 

This meant that there were going to be fewer options available and it could take longer for them to get where they needed to go.

Simple Tricks To Pay Less On Your Flight Tickets

We recommend doing some research before booking any flights or accommodations so that you know exactly what kind of trip you’re taking on — whether it be an island vacation or city break with friends — so that when those long lines start forming at check-in desks and airports around the world (as well as hotel check-in desks), everyone will know where they stand in terms of their plans versus reality: 

“I got an amazing deal on my flight tickets but now I’m stuck waiting in line forever.”

LJS travels and tourism services is a Cameroonian agency that helps you book flights at a cheaper rate, hence saving you up to 20% on your total expenses.

Do you want to save up on your travel expenses? Then, LJS travels and tourism services are the best place for you! We are an online travel agency that helps customers book flights at a cheaper rate. You can save 20% on your total expenses with us.

 How? By using our services and following our guidelines, of course! Here’s everything you need to know about booking low-cost tickets with LJS Travels and tourism services:

Book a Low-Cost Ticket With LJS Travels

If you truly want to save money and have a great time while doing so, then follow these steps:

Start by choosing the destination where you would like to go. This may take some time but it will be worth it in the end as this step will decide what type of flight ticket suits your needs best.

 For example, if two people are planning on going on vacation together and one wants to visit Cape Town while another wants to visit London then they will both need different types of airline tickets (it makes more sense if they were going somewhere closer together).

Special fare available on International flight tickets
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The point is this; don’t just pick any random place because there may not be any available options available when trying out different airlines’ websites later down the road! 

We recommend checking out our list here which outlines some amazing places around Africa that would make perfect weekend getaways or longer trips throughout Europe without breaking budget constraints too much either.”


With LJS Travels and tourism services, you could be making cheap flight bookings and saving up to 20% on your total expenses. 

The travel agency offers its clients more than just a flight booking service. It’s here for you when you need help with budget hotels, airport transfers, etc.


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