5 Things Cameroonians Should Note When Applying For A Visa Like The US, UK, And Canada


Certain things must be noted When a person from Cameroon is interested in traveling as a tourist or visitor to the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada. 

The visa application form can seem very daunting and may seem like a lot of work. But it’s all in the planning and preparation process.

A good number of people get turned down on their applications because they do not understand how the visa office thinks.

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Don’t let the visa application process trip you up. First, determine which visa classification to apply for. Reading between the lines to understand what is expected from you is important. 

Also, proper planning and preparation will prevent failed applications. Finally, your application should be able to prove that you do not intend to abscond.

These few points below have been highlighted to help Cameroonians know exactly what to expect or what to bear in mind before they set off or decide to go in for a visa application in any of the above countries:

1. The Applicant Will Be Required To Fill Out A Form Online

The visa applicant will be required to fill out a form online. The forms are always available on the embassy’s websites and it is available in the English and French languages. 

The visa application form can also be downloaded in pdf or jpg format. 

You must read the instructions carefully and fill out all sections of the application before submitting it. 

There is the need to read between the lines to understand what is expected from your answers to avoid careless mistakes.

5 Things Cameroonians Should Note When Applying For A Visa Like The US, UK, And Canada | Visa Assistance Services

The visa applicant should know that the time taken for processing your visa application will not be the same for all countries – Processing times vary by country, but typically take anywhere between 1-3 months in most cases (with exceptions). 

Some countries can take longer even after a year due to certain security checks or other factors that may slow down processing times even further than normal wait times which are usually about 2 weeks after applying online through their website (if applicable) or by mail if necessary.

2. The Applicant Will Also Be Requested To Upload A Scanned Copy Of Your Passport Biographical Information Page

Among the documents Required To Apply For A Visa, a passport is the most important and is required for all types of visas, but other documents may also be required depending on what kind of visa you want.

The applicant will also be required to upload a scanned copy of your passport biographical information page. You must have a valid passport, and depending on your country of origin and where you are going, you may need a visa

All You Need To Know About The US VISA Application in Cameroon

This is the page that has your name, address, etc. The photo does not need to be uploaded but this document must be clear and readable so the visa can approve it. 

There should be no smudges or stains on the document. 

All fields must be filled out in black ink and readable in color. The best format for uploading this information is .jpg or .bmp

3. Applicants Need To Know That When Applying For The Above-Mentioned Visas, They Are To Submit A Digital Photo Of Themselves Taken Within The Last Six Months

Applicants need to know that when applying for the above-mentioned visas, they are to submit a digital photo of themselves taken within the last six months. 

You should also ensure that your photo meets the requirements of your visa application. 

In addition to this, it must be submitted in jpeg format and at a minimum size of 500kb or 2Mb maximum depending on what is requested by the embassy or consulate where you will apply for your visa.

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4. Applicants Should Also Know That Fees Paid To The Embassy Are Not Refundable Whether Or Not The Visa Is Issued By The Embassy Or Consulate

Cost Of The Visa Application Fee – This varies depending on what type of visa you are applying for. 

This visa non-refundable fee is paid directly to the embassy or consulate where you submit your application. 

However, the applicants should have the following in mind while paying the visa fees.

  • Applicants should also know that fees paid to the embassy are not refundable whether or not the visa is issued by the embassy or consulate.
  • It is important to note that you cannot get your money back if you are denied the visa. However, if you reapply for a visa, all fees will still be due again even if your previous application was denied.

5. Fee Payment Is Now Done By Credit Card, Visa Debit Cards, And Mastercard Debit Cards Are Accepted Only

  • Credit cards are preferred for the visa fee payment. Visa and MasterCard debit cards are also acceptable.
  • With the credit card option, you’ll be charged a 3% processing fee on top of your visa processing fee (but you can avoid this by using a debit card or paying by check or money order).
  • US Master Cards/Visa Debit Cards are NOT accepted for payment at the embassy in Yaoundé. You must use another form of payment like cash or check to process your application in person at an embassy location outside of Cameroon.
5 Things Cameroonians Should Note When Applying For A Visa Like The US, UK, And Canada

Cameroonians Who Intend On Traveling As Tourists Or Visitors Should Take Note

Cameroonians who intend on traveling as tourists or visitors should take note.

If you intend to visit the United States, Canada or any other country that requires a visa and don’t want to go through the hassle of applying for one at a consulate in your home country, here are five things you need to know:

  • You will be required to fill out an online form with information about yourself and your intended stay in the country of destination.
  • The application will be reviewed by embassy officials who will make sure it is complete before issuing an invitation letter for you to apply for your visa at the embassy or consulate of the destination country (Uganda if you are applying from Cameroon).


Takeaway: A good number of people apply for visas in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada without knowing simple fundamental reasons why their applications are denied. 

Visiting any of these countries is a great experience. The fact that the visa application process is simpler than ever should be encouraging. You can apply online and receive your visa in just a few days. 

All you need to do is to meet all the requirements including having the right documents and being able to pay the fee online. The Visa Application Process could help you or hurt you.

 You must, first of all, understand the visa classifications and which one you are applying for. 

You have to plan, get it right, and prepare. Very importantly, your application should show that you do not have the intention of absconding from the hosting country.  

A good visa application is well planned and prepared from the beginning to the end.


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